Ski Terms

AFD - Anti-friction Device , a small pad located behind the toe-side piece of your ski bindings

Angulations - arcing the body at the hip, knee and ankle joints to achieve a higher degree of ski edge

ATS - American Teaching System. Developed by the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA), as a teaching/ learning system

Basket - A round and usually flat disc located near tip of the ski pole

Black run - the steepest official pistes in each resort. For experts only

Blue run - steeper than a green run (though some countries don't have green runs, so blue means the easiest type)

Bumps - Another term for Moguls (see below)

Cants - Devices to change the orientation of the legs relative to the skis. Put a ski more (or less) on edge

Carving - Making turns on the ski or snowboard with the edges cutting into the hill

Extreme carving - As it says taking carving to the extreme. Sliding down a piste linking and lying all the turns.

Counter-rotation - Simultaneous rotation of the upper body and legs in opposite directions

Crud - This is a type of snow with uneven surface and lumps of soft powder-like snow and slippery patches

Cruising - Making a long run at less than breakneck speed

DIN settings - Deutsche Industrie Normen. An internationally agreed scale to ensure that ski bindings worldwide release under the same force

Edge - Metal strip found at the bottom corners of ski's

Edge angle - Angle of the ski relative to the snow's surface

Fall line - The straightest and steepest line down any slope

Flex adjustment - To change the amount of resistance to the forward movement of your ankle

Flexion - Opposite of extension. Movement resulting in the bending of a leg joint

Garland - A series of "fake" turns

Gondola - Also called cabine lift, this is the largest and most comfortable lift

Green run - piste coloured green on the map. The easiest type of run

Heli-skiing - Off-trail skiing reached by helicopter

Herringbone - Technique of moving upwards. Named after the marks left by the skis when this technique is used

Matching skis - When skis are brought parallel or facing in the same direction

Milk run - The first run of the day

Moguls - Mounds of snow, both natural and skier made, dotting ungroomed runs

Off-piste - areas of snow not marked as official pistes and where there is no grooming

Parallel skiing - Skiing the skis parallel. Skis can be either together or apart

Piste - ski run which is marked on the mountain (usually by poles in the snow)

Piste map - free map widely available that shows all the pistes and ski lifts in the area

Powder - Light, ungroomed snow

Prerelease - A term used when your skis come off earlier than expected

Pressure control - To adjust the pressure between the skis and the snow

Red run - steeper than a blue run and not to be tackled until you feel confident with your ability

Roller skiing - A year round ski discipline. This is done by skiers to continue training in the off season

Sidecut radius - The measurement of how deeply or shallowly the ski's cut is from the nose of the ski to the Waist

Side-slipping - A slipping motion straight down the flow line with your skis pointed across the hill

Ski jumping - A term which means flying as far and as smooth as possible with your skis on for maximum lift

Sliding - Skis moving along its length

Slush - Usually this is snow that is starting to melt gradually becoming wetter

Stem christie - A turn which is completed by skidding on both uphill edges

Traversing - Continuously moving in a direction across the flow line

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