Ski Gear

It is important to wear the correct attire when skiing as you will need to be comfortable and warm. Incorrect clothing could lead to blisters, sore feet, sweating and chaffing among other things. The best way to deal with the cold is to wear layers of thermal clothes that fit under your ski gear. This will allow you to control your body temperature more.

Head wear

It is important to keep your head covered in the type of temperatures you will be experiencing. It is recommended that you wear a Ski hat or beanie. It I also highly recommended that you invest in a ski helmet for ultimate head protection.


These will help with both the rays from the sun as well as any falling snow or rain. They will also protect your eyes from anything that could fly into your eyes and cause damage at higher speeds.

Ski Jacket

Ski jackets, also known as the top shell, are the most outer layer you will have. They are waterproof and will stop the wind from penetrating your other clothing and thus keeps you warm and dry.


This is the most crucial item you need. Skis come in varying sizes and you will need to find the right one as the wrong size will change your abilities to ski properly. There are now skis being produced for particular weights which will help you determine which pair is the right size for you.

Ski Bindings

These are shoes specially designed for fitting to the skis. It is important to get the right size of shoes as incorrect sizes lead to blisters, circulation problems and very sore feet. There are different types for different skill levels. Beginners will want shoes with a low DIN setting so that they detach from the skis with too much pressure.

Ski Gloves

These padded gloves protect your hands from snow, ice and other things that could hurt your hands when skiing.

Ski Poles

Ski poles are needed in order to complete the equipment. These are handy for helping you balance and getting back up when you fall.

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